On Saturday 15 November 2008 18:37:20 Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Correct. This should go away after 1178 is mandatory on Sunday, provided
> you restart your node at that point. However, the trend so far suggests
> that it won't go away and is still present. :< In any case we need to be
> told if it happens after Sunday.


Ok Matthew, 

Seems to be still there even with version 1179.

11 of your peers are having severe problems (not acknowledging packets even 
after 10 minutes). This is probably due to a bug in the code. Please report 
it to us at the bug tracker at https://bugs.freenetproject.org/ or at 
support at freenetproject.org. Please include this message and what version of 
the node you are running. The affected peers (you may not want to include 
this in your bug report if they are darknet peers) are:

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