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> On Sat, 15 Nov 2008 23:42:11 +0000 (GMT)
> Markus Hahn <markushahnma at yahoo.de> wrote:
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> Sorry if I explain things that you know already, but I don't know what your
> general competence level is, so I'll assume you know very little, just in
> case (and it may be useful for someone else, too)
> > I am able to reach and open some of the sites I want to, but frequently I
> > get the message that a site seems to be unreachable, sometimes concerning
> > a site that opens some minutes later.
> This is expected on a newly estabilshed node. The first thing to do to get
> a new node to work better is to set the max store size and max memory usage
> (both in your config page at http://localhost:8888/config).
> But first lets talk about uptime quickly: Freenet needs to sun as much as

I like your answer, that's the way a lot more stuff of the internet should be 
explained (better more than less details), in order for ordinary people to 

Thanks - *smile*

(I am the author of www.minihowto.org, and I have tried to make documentation 
along your "lines" - it's not very easy?)

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