Dear Supporters,

I am a total newbie in freenet. Every time I start freenet I get the alert that 
my node lies behind a NAT-device or a Firewall and that I should forward my 
port-Number 11833. After some discovery-attempts in the administration tool of 
my router I found out that there is actually a firewall running. 
I am able to reach and open some of the sites I want to, but frequently I get 
the message that a site seems to be unreachable, sometimes concerning a site 
that opens some minutes later.
I am totally new in this subject and all my real-world-friends are no-techies 
and no-nerds, so I still have no "firends" in the sense of trustworthy nodes to 
connect with or in the sense of darknet-members. Might this be the reason why 
some sites are closed for me?
Should I try to manipulate the router in order to "forward" or should I turn 
off the firewall?
Or is freenet running properly and the seemingly closed doors seem so due to 
the restrictions a newbie in darknet with a fresh node has to come around with?

Thank you a lot for the support

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