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> but these IP's are uplookable and can represent a problem for anyone who
> connects from a country like China.

The IP addresses that you see are all from people that don't need to hide the 
fact that they run Freenet. If they needed to keep their nodes secret, they 
would use Darknet and you wouldn't see their IP's.

> Also, I wonder if it would be possible to collect valuable information by
> gathering the LOGs of many different nodes and following a specific IP's
> requests.

It is possible to tell who is running Freenet, as long as they use Opennet 
('connections to Strangers).
If they use only Darknet ('connections to Friends'), telling who is running a 
node is much more difficult.

Also, it is theoretically possible for your peers to use correlation attacks to 
figure out what you download and upload.
Actually proving anything would be very difficult, but some good guesses are 
possible, and in some cases courts can accept good guesses as 'evidence'. Yes, 
in the West too. The 'formerly free' world.

Your only defense is to run a pure darknet node and only connect to people that 
you know and trust, friends that you -know- they wouldn't try to spy on you 
(but they could still be threatened, blackmailed, tortured....)

> Finally I'd like to ask you about this message I found in the logs too:
> "Note that this version of Freenet is still a very early alpha, and may well
> have numerous bugs and design flaws.
> In particular: YOU ARE WIDE OPEN TO YOUR IMMEDIATE PEERS! They can eavesdrop
> on your requests with relatively little difficulty at present (correlation
> attacks etc)."
> I suppose that this must be an old message since the Freenet project is not
> in a very early alpha version anymore and I'm using 0.7, the latest.

You suppose wrong. Freenet IS alpha software, and if you bet your life or 
freedom on Freenet you pretty much deserve to get killed or imprisoned.
Of course, Freenete is 'less insecure' than the 'regular' web, but you still 
need to be very, very careful, especially if your opponent has time, money and 
resources -and- they would invest them to get you (in other words, the best 
defense is still not being worth the hassle) 

> Thank you very much.
> Shiro.


> PD. I also wonder where the cached and encrypted files on my HD are
> gathering.

In the Freenet directory, datastore folder, all encrypted.


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