Dear Freenet Support Team,

I send you this message because I've stumbled upon a "curiosity"  which I'd
like to get explained since I'm not able to find any other documentation
regarding this issue.

I was browsing through my hard drive's Freenet Directory, looking at the
latest logs when I suddenly realized that there were IP adresses written in.

This is an example:

dic 23, 2008 17:06:14:078 (freenet.node.NodeDispatcher, UdpSocketHandler for
port 266XX(2), NORMAL): Rejecting CHK request from 213.238.213.XX:387XX
preemptively because Insufficient output bandwidth

I may not fully understand the protocol Freenet uses for data transmission
but these IP's are uplookable and can represent a problem for anyone who
connects from a country like China.

Also, I wonder if it would be possible to collect valuable information by
gathering the LOGs of many different nodes and following a specific IP's

Finally I'd like to ask you about this message I found in the logs too:

"Note that this version of Freenet is still a very early alpha, and may well
have numerous bugs and design flaws.
In particular: YOU ARE WIDE OPEN TO YOUR IMMEDIATE PEERS! They can eavesdrop
on your requests with relatively little difficulty at present (correlation
attacks etc)."

I suppose that this must be an old message since the Freenet project is not
in a very early alpha version anymore and I'm using 0.7, the latest.

Thank you very much.


PD. I also wonder where the cached and encrypted files on my HD are
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