Dear friends, I thank you in advance for any support I get. Although I am
not that computer illiterate, I am new to Freenet and its language, so I
request a measure of patience with me.

My computer is a duo core, 31/2 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive. I am
connected via a Lynksis router to cable Internet.

After installing Freenet 7, my browser (IE) opened up advising me to change
browsers, and there and then I supposed I was connected; then I did some
searching, getting some results, but because I do not know how to download
yet, I shut it off. When I tried to start again using the "Start Freenet"
icon on my desktop, I got the following response: "System error 5 has
occurred" "Access is denied" "Press any key to continue"

I thought then that my router needs some configuration, but, since I am not
sure I thought I get some advice.

Mr. T 

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