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| If someone has Qtopia (or any other distro, for that matter) booting
| from microSD, I'd appreciate very step-by-step instructions

Some quick notes I had made:

1. Download qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-flash-07221045.tgz from:


It extracts to:


2. Prepare SD card (from USB 4-in-1 card reader):

   fdisk /dev/sdb

First partition is 8M.
Use remaining disk space for second partition.

3. Create vfat on /dev/sdb1

   mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1

Rename the uImage kernel to uImage.bin and copy it to the first partition.

4. Create ext2 filesystem on /dev/sdb2

   mke2fs /dev/sdb2

5. Prepare the .tar.gz from .jffs2:


        modprobe mtdcore
        modprobe jffs2
        modprobe mtdram total_size=59024
                 /* default is 4 MByte - set to max. available size */
        modprobe mtdchar
        modprobe mtdblock

Check "cat /proc/mtd":
# dev:    size   erasesize  name
# mtd0: 039a4000 00020000 "mtdram test device"

Use "mtdram" device file (mtd0, in the above):

sudo dd if=<rootfs.jffs2> of=/dev/mtd0
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 /mnt
sudo tar czf qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-rootfs-07172049.tar.gz -C /mnt .

6. Install root filesystem on the Neo device:

scp qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-rootfs-07172049.tar.gz
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/media/mmcblk0p2/

 cd /media/mmcblk0p2
 tar xzf qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-rootfs-07172049.tar.gz
 rm qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-rootfs-07172049.tar.gz
 rm -f /media/mmcblk0p2/boot/*

7. Press AUX button, choose boot from SD card (VFAT+ext2) and boot
into Qtopia :)


Shakthi Kannan

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