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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| You are right that I did not extract the rootfs, but that is because 1)
| I do not know how to extract the rootfs and 2) none of the various
| instructions on the wiki (which are inconsistent) worked for me.  For
| instance, when I do the various modprobe commands that are listed, all
| of them come back FATAL no such module, like so:
| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdcore
| FATAL: Module mtdcore not found.
| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe jffs2
| FATAL: Module jffs2 not found.
| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdram total_size=59024
| FATAL: Module mtdram not found.
| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdchar
| FATAL: Module mtdchar not found.
| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdblock
| FATAL: Module mtdblock not found.

These are all built-in to the monolithic kernels from us, so there are
no modules for them.  They're all needed to boot from mtd / jffs2 which
is normal for us.

| I should also emphasize to an earlier responder that I want to place
| both the kernel and the rootfs on the same ext2 partition, namely
| partition 2.  I believe this is possible, and I'd prefer it to having
| the kernel in the first FAT partition.

| Andy's email will likely be helpful here, but clearly I have to figure
| out how to extract the jffs2 first.

There should be a .tar.gz floating around for rootfs normally as well,
these are obviously more amenable to unpacking into the rootfs.

- -Andy
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