Matthew McCormick wrote:
> Brian C <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> 2. partition2 is where I want to put Qtopia.
>> After formatting it ext2 and mounting the partition, I did:
>> wget
>> tar zvxf qtopia-4.3.2-gta02-flash-07221045.tgz
>> mv uImage*.bin uImage.bin
>> I changed the kernel name based on something I read stating it had to be
>> called uImage.bin (is that wrong?)
> You must follow the instructions on the wiki.  You did not extract the
> rootfs.

You are right that I did not extract the rootfs, but that is because 1)
I do not know how to extract the rootfs and 2) none of the various
instructions on the wiki (which are inconsistent) worked for me.  For
instance, when I do the various modprobe commands that are listed, all
of them come back FATAL no such module, like so:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdcore
FATAL: Module mtdcore not found.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe jffs2
FATAL: Module jffs2 not found.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdram total_size=59024
FATAL: Module mtdram not found.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdchar
FATAL: Module mtdchar not found.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/qtopia# modprobe mtdblock
FATAL: Module mtdblock not found.

I should also emphasize to an earlier responder that I want to place
both the kernel and the rootfs on the same ext2 partition, namely
partition 2.  I believe this is possible, and I'd prefer it to having
the kernel in the first FAT partition.

>> 4. I edited by NAND U-boot menu to include:
>> setenv menu_9 Boot from microSD part2 (ext2+ext2): setenv bootargs
>> \${bootargs_base} rootfstype=ext2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootdelay=5
>> \${mtdparts} ro\; mmcinit\; ext2load mmc 1 0x32000000
>> \${sd_image_name}\; bootm 0x32000000
> Your partitions numbers are wrong from what you have said.  I added a
> warning to
> watch partition numbers and what to change.

Andy's email will likely be helpful here, but clearly I have to figure
out how to extract the jffs2 first.

>> Thanks for any help.  If I figure all this out, there is going to be a
>> single crystal clear wiki page on this when I get done.
> Please do _not_ try to make a "single crystal clear wiki page."  Please fix
> relevant sections of the wiki, but do not try to concatenate all
> sections to one
> page for what you, personally, are trying to do.  This leads to multiple
> crummy
> pages. 

I'm not going to engage on this point.  It wouldn't be productive.


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