Is the modified "globals.inc" file kept anywhere that can be downloaded? I tried
modifying the xmlrpc_client.inc file myself but keep getting an error when I
attempt to access the packages. A complete example would be appreciated. This
is the message in the system log :

php: /pkg_mgr.php: XMLRPC communication error: Unknown error: 0

I had to modify three files for this.  I'm not 100% convinced it's
correct and has had zero testing.  I commited it to get feedback
though as I'm not running a proxy.  Until this is tested, I won't be
applying these changes to the RELENG_1 branch.  But copy the three
files located at http://www.pfsense.org/~billm/patches/XMLRPC_Proxy/
to /etc/inc on your pfSense install (I'd recommend upgrading to the
latest snapshot before doing this as these are the latest files out of
the RELENG_1 branch in CVS).  Revert the changes you made to
xmlrpc_client.inc obviously :)  Then edit /etc/inc/globals.inc and
fill in these variables appropriately:

   "xmlrpcproxy" => "",
   "xmlrpcproxyport" => 0,
   "xmlrpcproxyuser" => "",
   "xmlrpcproxypass" => "",

xmlrpcproxy should be the IP or hostname of your HTTP proxy
xmlrpcproxyport should be the port to use

The comments on this from xmlrpc_client.inc are:
    * @param string  $proxy       the URL of the proxy server to use, if any.
    *                              If this parameter doesn't specify a
    *                              protocol and $port is 443, ssl:// is
    *                              assumed.
    * @param integer $proxy_port  a port for connecting to the remote server.
    *                              Defaults to 8080 for http:// connections and
    *                              443 for https:// and ssl:// connections.
    * @param string  $proxy_user  a user name for accessing the proxy server
    * @param string  $proxy_pass  a password for accessing the proxy server

So you might need to play wwith the host a bit and use http:// and
ssl:// as needed.


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