Thanks alot Bill! I've tried the changes but I still get an error, although
different. I have no control over the proxy machine so I can't get much info
from that box to help me understand what doesn't work. I'm going to upgrade the
release of pfSense first and then try with both the production proxy and another
proxy that can be used for testing purposes, which I will be able to access and
eventually modify. I'll try to produce some feedback.

OK, think I fixed it.  Pull down the files in
http://www.pfsense.org/~billm/patches/XMLRPC_Proxy/ again.  I tested
it at work, seems to be fine now.  I'd like some feedback from people
NOT running proxies on whether this change breaks packages for them or
not.  I'd like to MFC this today if possible so I can forget about it


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