On 08/10/2016 23:35, David Woolley wrote:
> On 08/10/16 22:49, Alex Oren wrote:
>> Are there any compelling reasons not to use an internet forum?
>> Their many advantages over mailing lists include:
>> - Easier searching for existing solutions.
>> - Fine-grained control over email notifications.
>> - The ability to display prominent explanation of what support can be
>> expected.
> This subject produces very polarised response whenever it comes up on
> other mailing lists, but from my point of view:
> - I can afford to be on a lot more mailing lists that forums (with
> forums you have to go and visit each one to see if there are updates);
> - mailing lists provide a consistent user interface;
> - although possibly not an issue with Pidgin, forums tend to result in
> fragmentation, as people tend to belong to just one forum, and forums
> are often advertising funded, so their operators tend to have an
> incentive to get people to use their forum, rather than any other
> forum covering the subject, exacerbating that fragmentation;
> - forums don't allow you to maintain an offline archive that you can
> search and search tools for them are often not very effective;
> - forums cannot be read offline....
> Also if you are going to assume that there is one direction of
> progress, shouldn't be you calling for Web RTC speech connections on
> the grounds that forums are noughties technology (difficult without a
> paid for contact centre, of course), but it does make the point that
> support channels need to match those providing the support.
> In my view, a lot of, so called, progress, is really either fashion or
> driven by commercial considerations (e.g., as noted above, forums
> allow advertising funding, and from the point of view of forum
> hosters, are often seen purely as means of delivering advertising).

Well said. Mail lists work. They aren't broken and don't need fixing.

Mark Rousell

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