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> No, you do not.  The forum software can be configured to send email
> notifications for responses to the threads you are following, as well
> as for new posts in the sub-forums that you are interested in,
> including the full text of the message.  So in effect you can treat
> them as a mailing list but with finer control, with the only
> "inconvenience" of having to click a link when you want to reply.

Unfortunately most forum software does not allow replies to be sent by
email.  This means, as others have pointed out, that one of the key
problems with forums is that they require users to actually visit them
to actually participate (rather than merely consume other people's
discussions by email).

I am a member of a great many mailing lists but only a few forums. The
dynamics of community connection differ between mail lists and forums
due to the practical technical differences.

I'd personally be in favour of a web forum if, and only if, it allowed
two way email communications into discussions hosted within it, such
that mail list functionality was integrated with it. This is certainly
technically possible. Does any free or very easily affordable forum
software provide this feature (i.e. two way integration with something
like Mailman)?

Mark Rousell

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