What is a polish?

The so-called stone polishing is done by removing one or more layers (one 
to five millimeters).

In the flooring process, the sub-steps of the stone go up to the polishing 
stage and the unparalleled clarity and glazing that in general, each step 
is closer to paying for the stone and also more luster.
Why should we trim?

There are many reasons to make stone stones, but the most important factor 
is to make a paving stone beautifully executed at high cost, because if the 
stone that we rugged on the floor of the house, office, factories, shop or 
... is done by the sub-decking Do not peel and polish. An unpleasant face 
is created in the rock, and over time, sediments, dirt and dirt on the rock 
will increase and create an unnecessary rise.

One of the major problems facing the rock is that some people misuse the 
stone or mosaic to rinse it with chemicals, which causes the deposition of 
chemicals inside the rock, which in addition to damage to the rock , The 
colors show it opaque.

Also, in most cases, there is an empty space between the rocks, which can 
also be repaired with a flattening and bonding process, causing the floor 
to fall over.

Separate service makes the cleaning of rocks more difficult.

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