"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> Let me add that the Apple II versions of these Atarisoft games seemed
> very good to me:
> Mario Bros.
> Moon Patrol
> Robotron

I forgot:  Moon Patrol also exists for PC.  Mario Bros. is rumored to exist,
but sadly nobody has a copy.  Moon Patrol falls into the "good" category for
> I may have "acquired" a few others back in the day, but these are the
> three that I still recall as being impressed with.  And the colors are
> better than on the PC! 8)

Apple Troll!  :)  Apple could do 7 colors to CGA's 4, true.  

Rant:  I have no idea why people prefered the cyan-magenta-white CGA palette so
much... probably because they didn't know they could change it, or maybe
because white and black (the default background color) made people feel safe. 
I've seen some CGA games that are halfway decent in terms of color; King's
Quest was one of the few games to use the hideous red-green-yellow palette
well, because they coupled it with a blue background, and red/yellow/green/blue
can be combined in tons of useful ways with dithering.
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