On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 01:56:18PM -0500, Hugh Falk wrote:
> Yes, I got my shelves done by California Closets.  It was about $1,000 for
> what you saw in the picture and additional shelves and cabinets not in the
> picture.  This price also includes installation.

I hope you own your home!  That's a lot of money for a rental apartment.

> As for size, they come out and measure the room and design it to suit your
> needs.  They give a free estimate before doing anything.  On mine, the
> shelves are adjustable so height wasn't an issue.  Width is fixed though.
> For anyone who wants to see it, go here:
> http://www.classicgaming.com/gotcha/wantlist.htm

Very impressive.  I will probably give them a call and report the
experience here.

That photo is revealing.  You have *three* Star Fleets?  I have one,
and that's enough for me ;-)

> I also use those small stackable closet organizers (you know the white
> wood/pressboard kind) in the closet.  They are generally thin (width-wise),
> but they are tall enough to hold most PC game boxes.  They work very well
> and you can stack them three high in a closet where they won't look bad.

I'm not familiar with those, but my wife will probably know what you're
talking about.

Thanks for the advice!  Any other suggestions?  While we're at it,
does anyone wish to reveal how they're keeping their collection?
Storage space?  Garbage bags?  Boxes?  Garage?
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