"Stephen S. Lee" wrote:
> I'm one of those People Who Only Collects IBM Games.  (The IBM PC is what
> I started with -- my father works at IBM, and he got one for home use
> shortly after the PC got introduced.)  Eventually, I might branch out to
> non-IBM games and packages that flat-out don't exist for IBM, but I still
> have my hands full getting stuff for IBM (and probably will for at least a
> couple more years).

Take heart; I'm the same way.  I also collect PCjr-specific and Tandy-specific
games (PC, but use and/or require the special 16-color graphics and 3-voice
sound on those platforms).  I can help answer your PC-specific questions for
> There is a poster that comes with the game, but I was under the impression
> that it only came with the Commodore versions (both C64 and Amiga).  Now
> I've heard of an IBM version that also comes with it, and mentions the
> presence of the poster via a sticker on the box.  How easy is this one to
> come by?

I can't verify it's rarity for sure, but I know that I bought Pools of Radiance
RIGHT when it was delivered to stores in 1988 and I did not get a poster.  It
might have been a promotional add-in to help sell extra copies of the game at a
later point in time.
> (2) Might & Magic I
> Tangent from (1): now I wonder whether there exists an IBM version of the
> original Might & Magic with the large spiral-bound manual.

I have seen M&M1 for the PC with a spiral-bound manual, although my memory says
it's a 5x7" manual, not "large".  My memory could be wrong... but it was
definitely spiral-bound.
> (3) Acquiring semi-recent games
> I realize this is somewhat like asking to predict the performance of an
> arbitrary stock, but I'll ask anyway.
> Regarding games like I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream and The Neverhood
> (games that aren't old, but are out of print, aren't likely to be
> re-released, and are sought after by serious adventure-gaming fans): do
> you think these will get easier or harder to acquire as time passes?  I'm
> wondering whether to buy now or to wait.

Buy now if the price is $9 or less.  You can always sell later.  That's what I
do, but I'm not everyone.
> I'm also wondering whether the price of Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga will
> ever come down to earth.  With my Killer Retrogaming Rig, I don't need
> this to play, like many of the people who shell out big bucks for this do.
> I'd love to complete a Wing Commander collection, though -- just not for
> $200+ if I can help it.

The price of Kilrathi Saga just blows my mind.  People who are paying those
prices (I've seen as high as $500) are incredibly stupid.  It's just not worth
that much.  The "film can" release of Wing Commander 3 is a hell of a lot more
rare and worth a thousand dollars at least (came in an actual film can, with
extra materials including a t-shirt).
> (4) Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
> Another IBM-specific question.  Other than the program itself, what's the
> difference in packaging between the original version and the
> enhanced-graphics version?

I've never seen both to compare, sorry... anyone?
> (5) Wasteland
> Yes, another IBM question ... does the IBM version of this only come in
> the "book" package?  I've run into a couple people who want an IBM square
> flat folder, and want to be able to say with certainty that it doesn't
> exist.

The IBM version only game in the "book" package.  You can say with certainty
that the IBM version of Wasteland never came out in folio form.
> (6) Truly ancient IBM games
> There are four IBM games I know of that come in a small flat gray
> plastic folder (this is how the very first IBM games came packaged):
> Adventure in Serenia
> Microsoft Adventure
> Microsoft Decathlon (which I'm still looking for; three copies showed up
>   on eBay in rapid succession several months ago, but none have shown up
>   since -- sigh)
> Strategy Games (yes, extremely generic, though there wasn't exactly a ton
>   of competition at the time)
> Do any others exist?  I remember an IBM catalog that listed every single
> piece of commercial software available for the recently-introduced IBM PC,
> but I don't have that any more.  I do remember that the "entertainment"
> section was relatively paltry.

Wow, you're definitely hard-core IBM.  :-)  Warms my heart to see that.  Yes,
these were the first four entertainment titles for the IBM PC Model 5150.  I
don't see any more in my catalogs until the later "plastic clam-shell"

You might be interested to know that there were third-party games for the IBM
available very closely after the 5150's release (ie. the above 4 you list
weren't the only "first games available").  Check www.mobygames.com for
"funtastic" games, for example.
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