On Jan 10, 2004, at 8:41 PM, Jim Leonard wrote:

Edward Franks wrote:

Yes I would. I don't care if it added a penny to the market value, it would be more valuable to me. One of my favorite Ultimas is the Ultima VI signed by both Richard Garriott and Denis Loubet.

Holy cow. I never liked the Ultima series, and I'm not particularly fond of Garriott, but even I have to admit that's one hell of a piece.

It is the Ultima VI special edition with the 10 years of Ultima cassette. I forget how many were made, but it isn't a one off. I have added to the box a little by stuffing in a U6 clue book and someone's U6 completion certificate I picked up off of eBay. I figure that's one way of not loosing the goodies.

I have a number of games that would be neat to have signed, but I think what I would like most to would be to have Werdna and Trebor sign one of my copies of Wizardry. :-D Take a step, fight, fight, fight, graph, repeat.

:) I probably should have taken John up on his offer to get my Wasteland signed by Pavlish. However, I have the IBM version, which Pavlish didn't personally touch, so I wonder if he'd "Kitchen" it instead ;-D

I've got the C64 version. Did Pavlish work on that port? I did a bit of Googling on Wasteland, but didn't see a clear answer.


Edward Franks

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