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Brian the Fist stated:
>On the other hand, there are some games I have been searching for for
>years and have not seen EVER on eBay (or anywhere else), even once, thus
>making them even more rare than Akalabeth or Mt. Drash technically.  And
>when I come across one like this by some rare fluke, I may get it for as
>low as $10 (maybe no one else wants it, who knows).

Yeah, it's interesting when you see something you've been hoping to
find forever on eBay and you worry it'll go for something outrageous,
but it turns out you're practically the only person that wants it.
This has happened to me twice.

First, an Atari Liberator t-shirt appeared.  I'd never even seen a
picture of one before that.  I only knew it existed because of a scan
of the Atari company newsletter available on the Web.  There was one
other "serious" bidder, but I won at "only" $34.  Then, of course, the
same seller put up a second Liberator t-shirt.  (Argh!)  I think it
went for around $25.

Second was a vintage Pac-Man tie.  Again, I'd never seen one, just the
ad in the back of a video game book I'd gotten in the early '80s.  I
put the fact I wanted one in my signature, so it got posted all over
Usenet.  I was becoming convinced it didn't actually exist when one
popped up in a lot of Pac-Man stuff (but "Pac-Man tie" was in the
title).  I won the lot for $26 (my bid was about $50).  I actually had
somebody e-mail me after I won asking if I'd sell him just the tie
since that's all he was interested in.

I can't say for certain if either of these items have ever appeared on
eBay again since.  (I stopped doing those searches since I got mine.)
But I can tell you that both of them are darn rare.

Lee K. Seitz

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