I'm currently reading _The Home Computer Wars_ by Michael S. Tomczyk.
It's an inside account of Commodore computers (with emphasis on Jack
Tramiel) from the planning for the VIC-20 until Tramiel's departure

It's pretty good so far.  One thing I've noticed is that since it was
written in 1984, there are references that today you'll only get if
you lived through and were somewhat involved with the personal
computer revolution.  For example, referring to the Apple II as simply
"the Apple."

I noticed the book doesn't have an index, so I'm trying to compile a
basic one as I go for later reference.  I'll publish it on the web
when I'm finished.  Does this seem like a useful project?  I
understand it's a fairly hard book to find, so it may not be overly
useful.  Are there any sites on the web that provide indices for books
without them?

BTW, I just finished _Hard Drive_, about Microsoft and Bill Gates up
through c. 1993.  Next will probably either be _Hackers_, which I
started once but didn't finish, or John Sculley's _Odyssey_.

Lee K. Seitz

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