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>> Hi Slava,
>> Thanks. I’m not planning on seeking them out. I just want to minimize future 
>> merge conflicts with an experimental branch I’m working on. The visitor 
>> pattern helps people like me by minimizing the number of boilerplate updates 
>> a person needs to do after adding a new type to the type system.
> Unless you’re splitting an existing type, most of the boilerplate updates are 
> intentional — we want people to think about every case when doing the update.

I understand. Rather than discuss this abstractly, let’s consider a concrete 
example: Type::transformRec() in lib/AST/Type.cpp seems like a clear candidate 
that could and should switch to the visitor pattern because both NominalType 
and ReferenceStorageType are being handled abstractly. To what extent to you 
agree or disagree?

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