Following on from discussion about stored properties for enums, I've decided to 
split off discussion about the possibility of enabling tuples as raw values.

Currently to enable multi-part raw values we need to define a struct that 
conforms to RawRepresentable; this involves a lot of boilerplate however, and 
seems like exactly the kind of thing that tuples are ideally suited towards 

To make tuples automatically conform to RawRepresentable will likely require 
some compiler magic, but I think it's worth doing, and should be doable with 
the following additions:

A TupleType protocol (uncertain of correct name for it) to which all specific 
tuple types will automatically conform, and to which user-defined types may 
not. This is simply a marker type for now (no methods etc.), as it is 
essentially just to enable the following:
An ExpressableAsTuple protocol, following the same style as other 
ExpressableAs* protocols, with the associated type conforming to TupleType, 
thus requiring that it be a specific tuple definition. All specific tuple types 
are automatically expressible as themselves.
All tuples will then conform to RawRepresentable, simply returning themselves 
as their raw value. This may require some magic as well, since I don't know if 
we want tuples to gain a .rawValue property or not, so could be exposed only 
when handling them as RawRepresentable specifically?

With ExpressableAsTuple recognised as RawRepresentable, I believe this should 
satisfy all requirements such that enums, and other types requiring literals, 
will be able to accept tuples in addition to the types that they currently do.

I think I've covered the requirements here, and I'm hoping someone can confirm 
if this looks correct. Of course I'm open to any other suggestions on how we 
might enable tuples as literals, especially if there's an easier way!
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