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>> 1. “honor” is mis-spelled in “weird queen’s dialect”.
> I'm sorry, but I throw an exception at this; when you say "weird queen's 
> dialect" do you mean… English?

I think he was just trying to be funny. As an Englishman, I don’t take offence.

> I don't go around referring to the other variation as "weird can't spell 
> dialect" (but maybe I should) 😛
> The u in words like honour is what makes it pronounced like "onner" rather 
> than "hone-ore", same with colour being "culler" rather than "coal-ore". 
> Sorry but it really annoys me when people consider the English version of 
> English to be the weird one, as the clue is literally in the name as to which 
> version is correct.

Well it’s actually an interesting question. It’s fairer to say that the 
language forked back when people started moving from Britain to the Americas. 
After that it evolved and diverged on both sides of the Atlantic. You can’t 
argue that one side or the other is wrong, particularly as, throughout most of 
the period when the British were colonising the USA, there was no standard 
spelling for English.

> This is why it still galls me that the language in macOS is "British English" 
> yet the other one is just "English" rather than "American English" or 
> whatever, it's a hideous double standard.

I just checked my Mac. I’m currently using a language that it refers to as 
English (UK). Amongst the many alternatives I could choose is English (US). 
There is no option that is just called “English”.


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