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>>> 1. “honor” is mis-spelled in “weird queen’s dialect”.
>> I'm sorry, but I throw an exception at this; when you say "weird queen's 
>> dialect" do you mean… English?
> I think he was just trying to be funny. As an Englishman, I don’t take 
> offence.
>> I don't go around referring to the other variation as "weird can't spell 
>> dialect" (but maybe I should) 😛
>> The u in words like honour is what makes it pronounced like "onner" rather 
>> than "hone-ore", same with colour being "culler" rather than "coal-ore". 
>> Sorry but it really annoys me when people consider the English version of 
>> English to be the weird one, as the clue is literally in the name as to 
>> which version is correct.
> Well it’s actually an interesting question. It’s fairer to say that the 
> language forked back when people started moving from Britain to the Americas. 
> After that it evolved and diverged on both sides of the Atlantic. You can’t 
> argue that one side or the other is wrong, particularly as, throughout most 
> of the period when the British were colonising the USA, there was no standard 
> spelling for English.
>> This is why it still galls me that the language in macOS is "British 
>> English" yet the other one is just "English" rather than "American English" 
>> or whatever, it's a hideous double standard.
> I just checked my Mac. I’m currently using a language that it refers to as 
> English (UK). Amongst the many alternatives I could choose is English (US). 
> There is no option that is just called “English”.

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