>> Also, I don’t think anything can prevent all abuses (it’s an subjective 
>> classification anyways) — people might just use PyVals because dynamic 
>> behavior, and that would imho be a huge abuse.
> Can you give an example of how someone would use such a PyVal to do something 
> other than interoperate with Python? I’m having trouble imagining what your 
> concern is. 

No specific concerns, but I’m pretty sure developers writing real code will 
come up with ideas more bizarre than anything I can think of as an example.

During the discussion, people emphasized that dynamic features would be useful 
for more than Python interop, so if PyVal is the only way to get those 
benefits… I have no fear of JS-Bridges utilizing Python, or JSON-libraries 
build on top of PyVal — I just said that I don’t think it’s possible to prevent 
all abuses (adding restrictions might even cause abuse).

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