> This is a silly reverse setup.  A reverse lookup should only return one
> hostname, not 20.

Well, tend to agree. 

What about the most stupid wanabe Spam-fighter which are very unhappy as in 
place (e.g. the third-party service provider systems
acting with some SC subsidiaries...) which high rate valid messages if certain 
brain-dead conditions like PTR not matching MX
don't match?

If this approach works out, it could be considered. It is not illegal.  It's 
just against what we are used to over the last 20+
years. Just like the A records on second level domain names - depreciated some 
years ago, tough more and more common.

Under the line, it is likely not a DNS issue, but the inability by some mail or 
AS systems resolving lists. Suspect my servers
will fail, too. Xaver, pls send private reply for a test from that system, 



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