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On 26.03.2008, at 15:03, Kurt A. Schumacher wrote:

This is a silly reverse setup. A reverse lookup should only return one
hostname, not 20.
What about the most stupid wanabe Spam-fighter which are very unhappy as in place (e.g. the third-party service provider systems acting with some SC subsidiaries...) which high rate valid messages if certain brain-dead conditions like PTR not matching MX
don't match?

There are a lot of E-Mail Providers (i.e. gmx) behaving like this already.

If A, PTR, MX and HELO are not exactly the same (all four) the message is marked as SPAM. There are pro's and cons for this...

I would not rate E-Mails solely because of those four points, but that's only me....

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