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On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:52:04 +0100, Tobias Göller wrote:
> There are a lot of E-Mail Providers (i.e. gmx) behaving like this  
> already.
> If A, PTR, MX and HELO are not exactly the same (all four) the
> message is marked as SPAM. There are pro's and cons for this...

This is an entirely different question. The question here is:

1. is there an A record for the host advertised in HELO/EHLO?
   (sensible question)
2. Is there an A record for the PTR which matches the A record?
3. Potentially even: is the domain of the PTR record the one we're
   sending mail for? (WRONG! See e.g. the large hosteurope mail setups
   for lots of virtual sites, etc. pp.)
4. Is the sender an MX for the domain? (WRONG! Especially in large
   setups, it is a very bad idea to use the same servers for submission
   and receiving, especially due to the entirely different requirements.
   Even hatemail does not do this. If you want to do such checks, there
   is SPF.)

There are more sensible ways to waste our mail servers' time than to
check PTR records for bizarre requirements which are never met.


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