I am updating the route/inetnum objects in the RIPE database and I am
wondering if I have to create more specific route objects. For example,
I have the following routes announced:

 - (FR7)
 - (DK2)
 - (GV2)

Each more specific route is announced in a different location. Should I
create only the top route object or should I create a route object for
each announce?

If I look at bgpq3, I see by default, it uses exact matches:

$ bgpq3 -4 -J -E AS61098 | grep 89.145
    route-filter exact;
    route-filter exact;
    route-filter exact;
    route-filter exact;

However, I use it this way:

$ bgpq3 -R 24 -4 -J -E AS61098 | grep 89.145
    route-filter upto /24;

But I am concerned some people may build filters using only exact
matches, so it seems safer to have route objects for more specifics.
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