Good morning Swinog,

we are planning our first IPv6 focused event this year.

The main topic of the event is, how well the IPv6 deployment of
Switzerland has come and to discuss the action points to reach
100% IPv6 coverage.

Thus I would like to invite you to join and...

... showcase how and where you enabled sites with IPv6
... show difficulties and solutions for IPv6 only networks
... meet players from industry to discuss your needs with others
... get a tasty Adler Bräu beer

We are at an early planning stage, but wanted to begin to spread the
word already (i.e. date to be defined, Website & CfP coming in the next

The format will likely be a 1-2 day event, with talks during the day,
discussion in the late afternoon and a networking event in the evening.

To decide on the exact format, I would like to ask you to give me a
heads up, if you are interested in this event and if you are interested
in showcasing something.

A simple "+1" or "+1 +talk_about_x" suffices.

Depending on the feedback, we will plan for either a 1 or 2 day event.

Thanks a lot and have a great snowy Sunday,


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