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It's not the customer's responsibility to cover issues of their TSP using an 
unreliable source of geoIP information.
The TSP would be able to whitelist exceptions to cover the gap between their 
unreliable data source and reality until their geoIP source has corrected their 
If it's a business customer, they will have a SLA with the TSP and since it's 
the fault of the TSP there is no question who is violating SLAs.

I'm pretty sure RIR's would allow MaxMind to query the original source of data, 
either for the IP or for the AS announcing the prefix to bgp.
But RIR's will charge a service fee for that - what is legit from my 
perspective. If MaxMind spares this fee and delivers a shitty service then, the 
TSP should consider to switch to a more reliable source of data - it's them who 
is violating SLAs with their customers.




----- Am 13. Okt 2022 um 8:46 schrieb Benoit Panizzon benoit.paniz...@imp.ch:

> Short update on that issue...
>> Does anyone know who operates geoiplookup.net and how to contact them?
> It looks like they source their Data from MaxMind but are solver
> implementing corrections and therefore lacking behind corrections
> published there.
> The issue we have is not with content, but with services.
> There is one SIP telephone service provider which fences his customers
> to Swiss IP addresses only and provides services to businesses.
> So if the static routed IP addresses of the business customer is locate
> outside Switzerland, this is an effective denial of service to the
> telephony of that customer.
> This happens for the 3rd time within only a couple of weeks to the
> same customer of us now.
> The TSP in question blames us for assigning foreign ip addresses to the
> customer in question and recommends the customer should get a new
> Swiss ip range from us. This of course is not feasible, as this would
> require lots of changes on the customer side.
> Customer in question has an own transparent RIPE entry with country: ch
> since 2016!
> The range in question was never (since 2003, ripe does not provide
> prior data) assigned to an ISP or customer outside Switzerland.
> What I am trying to do now, is set up an ISP bulk location feed to
> MaxMind and trying to persuade them to put a lock on our ip ranges
> so only we can provide locations for those and noone else. (Has anyone
> done this successfully?)
> I am also pressing them to disclose how the same ip ranges now
> repeatedly got put back to Germany shortly after we successfully
> submitted corrections.
> But all I get now is:
> * Please use the online correction form.
> * Thank you for submitting the correction, which we will push in our
>  next update.
> Still waiting for a human reaction related to that specific issue.
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