Responding to Vince about alternate versification (av11n).

Before we'd contemplate creating a new av11n for a Spanish Bible, a lot of 
detailed research would be required to show how and why this might be required.
It's the kind of work that Dominique did for (Protestant) French Bibles, as 
tabled in this wiki page:
NB. Such a survey must always be based on printed Bibles or facsimile copies, 
rather than on any available digital editions.

For version 1.0 of a module to be called SpaRV1865, I'd recommend that we 
should simply accept the default v11n of the KJV.

If a survey outcome does demonstrate a genuine requirement for a new av11n, 
then that could be implemented later for an updated module.
A new av11n implicitly requires a new SWORD release, and then for all front-end 
apps to be updated accordingly, so it's not a simple task.
Given that some app developers have less time than they used to for program 
development, it's never going to be a speedy result.
cf. The recent release of SWORD 1.8.0 (with the 3 new French av11n) has not yet 
been rolled out to all front-ends.
e.g. Has Eloquent (the app that Vince mostly uses) been updated?

Aside: I've not seen any messages as to whether JSword has been updated to 
support these new av11n.

Best regards,


PS. I've already made good progress converting Vince's RV1865 files to USFM and 
am communicating the details privately.

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On 17 February 2018 7:33 PM, Vince LaRue <> wrote:

> Thanks, Manfred. Would it be possible to render them in the language of the 
> module instead? I would like my KJV to show up as "Hosea" but the Spanish to 
> show "Oséas", and for searches to work for both (or each specific to its 
> language).
> Thanks.
> Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Hi Vince.
>>> Am 17.02.2018 um 20:10 schrieb Vince LaRue
>>> [<>](
>>> :
>>> In my use of Eloquent, I've noticed that the book names always display in 
>>> English, not in the language of the module. Is this a limitation of the 
>>> front-end itself, or due to a lack of a file as part of the 
>>> configuration?
>> The book names should be localized. In my Eloquent they are in german.
>> However, it does not depend on the language of the module but on the 
>> language of the operating system.
>> Manfred
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