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> I think there's also another problem – logind starts the user manager
> instance for cronjobs while it shouldn't do so for batch stuff. Probably a
> PAM configuration issue.

Nope. This is intentional. A session is a session is a session, and we
should provide the same functionality to all session,s including all
services on the bus and all services systemd manages... We shouldn't end
up providing only half a session if the trigger for something was only
time, instead of some other reason...

That said, certain system-level cronjobs should probably not be PAM
sessions... PAM sessions are really mostly for stuff that really is a
"session" of some kind, and not just system services that just need some
code executed by time. 

The same way as a daemon that drops priviliges shouldn't do so through
PAM, a system cronjob shouldn't involve PAM. But that of course would
require changes to cron, to understand what a system and what a user
cronjob was...


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