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> So for any mounts to remote block devices (unlike remote file system
> protocols which are detected by the fs name), unless there is an fstab
> entry at the time fstab-generator is run they get treated like local fs
> mounts and connectivity to the storage target may be disrupted before
> unmounting (possibly resulting in file system errors).
> I'm currently at a loss for how to handle this, other than to claim that
> if filesystems are going to be left mounted they should be added to
> fstab and a daemon-reload is required.

IIRC mount nowadays stores the full mount option string, including all
the "userspace-only" options in /run. We could either read those
directly from there in systemd, or we could make systemd make use of
libmount to get that information.

Karel, what are the details there? Would it be OK if we read the files
in /run directly to augment whatever we got from /proc/self/mountinfo?


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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