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> Chris Leech <cle...@redhat.com> пишет:
> > 
> > At boot fstab-generator is picking up on the _netdev option in fstab,
> > and the generated mount units are ordered against remote-fs properly.
> > If I leave a filesystem mounted at shutdown, it will be unmounted before
> > the iSCSI session is destroyed or the network is shut down and
> > everything works as expected.
> > 
> > But there are two cases that are problematic, adding entries to fstab at
> > runtime and manually mounting without adding to fstab (while still using
> > the _netdev option, some hint is needed).  The first case actually ends
> > up being the second, with the possible work-around of always remembering
> > to run a daemon-reload after editing fstab to run fstab-generator again.
> >
> Even known network filesystems still have a problem. If network
> filesystem is mounted on boot, it pulls in network-online.target which
> (hopefully) serves as synchronization point on shutdown. If there is no
> network filesystem to mount at boot, network-online.target is not
> started. If you mount NFS manually later there is nothing to wait for
> on shutdown so network could be teared down before filesystem is
> unmounted.

Isn't this (unmount before teardown) achieved by After=network.target? That
target is passive, so it is pulled in by a provider, and all should work
even in case of manually mounted filesystems.

Am I wrong somewhere?

Ivan Shapovalov / intelfx /

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