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Olaf Hering [2015-10-16 14:21 +0200]:
> My copy of /usr/lib/udev/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb has (at least) three
> issues:
> This advice fails, bugreporting is disabled, perhaps just for me?
> # If your changes are generally applicable, open a bug report on
> #   http://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=systemd

Thanks for pointing out! This should point to github issues now, I'll
adjust this with my next keymap PR (presumably one to fix your key).

> The wildcard does not work for me, but using /dev/input/event5 works.
> #   udevadm hwdb --update
> #   udevadm trigger /dev/input/eventXX
> # where /dev/input/eventXX is the keyboard in question. If in
> # doubt, simply use /dev/input/event* to reload all input rules.

Kay, is this supposed to work (and udevadm fixed for that)? If not,
this certainly does work:

  udevadm trigger --sysname-match=event*

> And finally, this new entry to let th 'Earth' icon start the web browser
> instead of sending XF86HomePage, which is ignored.
> # HP ProBook 6555b, icon earth, sends home, should send www
> evdev:atkbd:dmi:bvn*:bvr*:bd*:svnHewlett-Packard:pnHPProBook6555b:*
>  KEYBOARD_KEY_b2=www

This looks similar to this already existing rule for this model:
# HDX9494nr
 KEYBOARD_KEY_b2=www                                    # Fn+F3
 KEYBOARD_KEY_d8=!f23                                   # touchpad off
 KEYBOARD_KEY_d9=!f22                                   # touchpad on

Do you have touchpad on/off keys? Do they already work?

As for the new entry being ignored, is that still the case after "udevadm
control --reload", or just rebooting? (I've heard that this sometimes is
necessary). If so, can you please pastebin "udevadm info --export-db"
somewhere, so that we can verify the DMI names and whether the hwdb
entry actually matches?

Finally, which systemd version are you running? (The 60-keyboard.hwdb
syntax changed in 220).


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