Am 16.10.2015 um 15:45 schrieb Martin Pitt:

>   udevadm test-builtin keyboard 
> /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input4/event5
> ? Does that give any error message wrt. assigning the www key? Can you
> please double-check in evtest that you really still get KEY_HOMEPAGE
> after that?

root@probook:~ # udevadm test-builtin keyboard
calling: test-builtin
=== trie on-disk ===
tool version:          224
file size:         7049404 bytes
header size             80 bytes
strings            1762740 bytes
nodes              5286584 bytes
Load module index
timestamp of '/usr/lib/systemd/network' changed
Parsed configuration file /usr/lib/systemd/network/
Created link configuration context.
Unload module index
Unloaded link configuration context.
root@probook:~ #

My entry from the initial mail works, no worries.

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