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Am 25.09.2016 um 23:52 schrieb Sergei Franco:
I am looking at correct way to disable the "feature" of emergency mode
when systemd encounters missing block device entires in fstab.

For example:

the following entry is in /etc/fstab:
UUID=d4a23034-8cbe-44b3-92a5-3d38e1816eff /data               xfs
defaults        0       0

If the drive (d4a23034-8cbe-44b3-92a5-3d38e1816eff) has been detached and machine rebooted it stops booting with Emergency mode, even though
the /data is not crucial for boot

RTFM - when you don't say "nofail" it's ecpected to be crucial

your entry says it's crucial

That in turn raises the question why the default should be different
than what is used in earlier systems

because earlier systems (sysvinit) hat no concept like emergency mode
as they where a lousy bunch of scripts where you ended in case of a
crucial disk failing in a undefined state?

because earlier systems had no concept for "nofail" or "fail" at all

It is worth noting that nofail will have no effect if any services pull in the mount target.

I'm not sure if I can use nofail to disable swap service from being activated, for instance.
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