Andrei Borzenkov schreef op 26-09-2016 18:56:
26.09.2016 17:58, Xen пишет:
Andrei Borzenkov schreef op 26-09-2016 15:28:

What effect do you expect? If service Requires mount point and mount
point is not available, service startup fails. That is correct and
expected behavior. If service does not require mount point, service
should be saying Wants and After. Which is at the end exactly what
"nofail" does w.r.t.

Point is that many services are not exactly vital for system booting and I don't know how long it takes to get a maintainance prompt, if at all.

Emergency service (if you mean that) is entered only if
fails, at least as shipped by upstream.

Maybe I never waited long enough to find out. It always seemed as if it would hang forever.

I've had my share of unreached but usually succumbed to init=/bin/bash (the only true init).


Just had a hanging Raise Network Interfaces in Debian Rescue mode ;-).
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