Am 06.11.2016 um 07:28 schrieb Andrei Borzenkov:
04.11.2016 18:14, Marc Haber пишет:
"nofail" has been around as long as fstab has been around really. It's
not a systemd invention.

I cannot say anything about that, I don't have any non-systemd
machines left. However, that machines stop booting and require the
root password is a totally new experience for me that came with systemd.

You mix two different things.

1. The behavior that if filesystem from /etc/fstab fails to mount, boot
is stopped and administrator intervention is required existed long
before systemd.

2. Password is requested not by systemd, but by command that it starts
to present shell. Default is sulogin. You are free to override it with
anything you want, including /bin/sh. Again, sulogin was often default
in this case before systemd as well

no he don't - fact is before systemd the amchine bootet as long as the disk containing the operating system was there with or without "nofail"

the current behavior is correct but "machine stops booting and require password" in fact is "new" on systemd driven machines

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