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> Hi Uoti,
> Thanks a lot for your answer, I have checked the cycle. It is created by 
> sockets.target
> -> asi-My-5101.socket -> My-sshd.target -> My-syncd.service -> 
> My-nfs-client.service
> -> My-handling.service -> basic.target -> sockets.target. I do not see
> the same cycle in systemd-210 so I said that there is maybe a change in
> systemd-210 and sytemd-228 like building dependency tree and handling
> cycle. I can confirm there is no change in my scripts.

Could you please show the full (not paraphrased) dependencies that you
have? that is, [Unit] sections, *.wants/ contents, and such

> Regard to your question, "asi-My-5101.socket" depends on
> "My-sshd.target", I think that in my case it is expected as my socket
> listens on a specific address IP:port so it should start after a network
> service to configure and assign IP address before my socket runs.

"My-sshd.target" does not sound like a network service.

In any case, just use FreeBind=true instead.

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