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Thanks all for your comments. I will try to use option FreeBind. However could anyone explain for me that I did not use FreeBind option in systems-210 but all my services start well? I am still inclined to the different of systemd-228 and systemd-210 causes the current issue.

beause your configuration was undefined behavior and never made any sense when there are dependency loops and similar problems - systemd does and did the best not throw you to the mergency console and boot the system somehow, pointed out errors and now it's time to fi them

IMHO it would be justified not to boot at all if there is as example a unit which has itself in After/Before/Requires as example when someone don't read his systemlogs after change units and "systemctl daemon-reload" :-)

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    Am 26.11.2017 um 10:47 schrieb Bao Nguyen:

        Regard to your question, "asi-My-5101.socket" depends on
        "", I think that in my case it is expected as my
        socket listens on a specific address IP:port so it should start
        after a network service to configure and assign IP address
        before my socket runs

    nonsense - the whole point of socket activation is to have sockets
    listening before other stuff is up and running
    If an IP address is used here, it is often desirable to listen on it
    before the interface it is configured on is up and running, and even
    regardless of whether it will be up and running at any point. To
    deal with this, it is recommended to set the FreeBind= option
    described below

    Takes a boolean value. Controls whether the socket can be bound to
    non-local IP addresses. This is useful to configure sockets
    listening on specific IP addresses before those IP addresses are
    successfully configured on a network interface. This sets the
    IP_FREEBIND socket option. For robustness reasons it is recommended
    to use this option whenever you bind a socket to a specific IP
    address. Defaults to false.
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