Am 14.05.19 um 08:35 schrieb Ulrich Windl:
>> stop it - if you would have read IT news (golem/heise) the last 7 years
>> or so you would know about /run and why it is a top-directory
>> /run
>> Run-time variable data: Information about the running system since last
>> boot, e.g., currently logged-in users and running daemons. Files under
>> this directory must be either removed or truncated at the beginning of
>> the boot process; but this is not necessary on systems that provide this
>> directory as a temporary filesystem (tmpfs).
> I knew that. It doesn't answer _why_ /var/run is obsolete

because the runtime dirctory is needed at early boot and /var is not
available at that point of time when it's a seperate mount-point which
could even live on NFS and so comes up very late after network and friends?

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