Hi all,

I have been fixing some university tagging (Sheffield contained
hundreds of amenity=university!). For student accommodation, I have
been using

 for buildings:   building=residential + residential=university + operator=*
 for sites:   landuse=residential + residential=university + operator=*

Note that the same scheme seems to me to work well for building and for landuse.

I thought this had been discussed on tagging recently, but I can't
find it, all I can find is the RFC for amenity=dormitory, currently
used 263 times. (I will add that "dormitory" is certainly a little odd
from a British English point of view, notwithstanding the comments
already made to the RFC.)

residential=university has been used by a few people (99 objects, says
overpass). 33 of these are building=residential, 53 are

It's clear I'm not the only one using this pattern, though it's not an
approach that's officially adopted as far as I know. To me it seems
very meaningful usage, compatible with existing tagging, and covers
the intended use of amenity=dormitory except for monasteries ;)



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