On 19.09.2014 14:22 Dan S wrote:
>  for buildings:   building=residential + residential=university + operator=*
>         OR
>  for sites:   landuse=residential + residential=university + operator=*
> Note that the same scheme seems to me to work well for building and for 
> landuse.
> I thought this had been discussed on tagging recently, but I can't
> find it, all I can find is the RFC for amenity=dormitory, currently
> used 263 times. (I will add that "dormitory" is certainly a little odd
> from a British English point of view, notwithstanding the comments
> already made to the RFC.)

That proposal now suggests amenity=student_accommodation, precisely
because of the oddness involved with the term "dormitory".

Personally, I prefer using the amenity key rather than building or
landuse. Landuse lacks the implication that this is one distinct
facility, and building values are not supposed to represent usage, but
how the building is built.

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