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> Dormitories are rooms with multiple beds, usually bunk beds and associated
> with youth hostels,  certainly not suitable for student accommodation where
> there is typically one student in a room, maybe two but they are certainly
> not dormitories.

What you're saying is British English usage. Here in the Philippines,
dormitories are understood to be buildings primarily for students.

For example, in the Ateneo de Manila University, we have the Cervini
Residence Hall for males and Eliazo Residence Hall for females: Note that
the Wikipedia article classifies these are "dormitories" in accordance to
local usage even if the official name uses "Residence Hall":

In the University of the Philippines, we have several dormitories such as
Kalayaan Hall, Ilang-Ilang Hall, Molave Hall, etc.

There are also private businesses that run student dormitories, usually
located very near universities such as Manila Dormitory across the
University of Santo Tomas: http://maniladormitory.com/
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