2014-09-21 15:37 GMT+02:00 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdre...@gmail.com>:

> > Il giorno 21/set/2014, alle ore 09:29, Pee Wee <piewi...@gmail.com> ha
> scritto:
> >
> > As you may have guessed I prefer surface=asphalt over surface=paved
> since the last one could mean that it is gravel.
> while I also prefer asphalt over paved (more specific), I think it's
> difficult to find arguments for a gravel road to be considered "paved"

Well if an unpaved  forest path would get gravel or fine_gravel thrown on
top of it I would consider this some sort of paving that could be
classified as "paved". You apparently don't. No need to argue about that ,
it only goes to show that the suggested tag would not work. ;-)

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