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> it is a problem
> if wrong/undiscussed changes are spread.

while I agree, I'd like to point out that this is not an isolated problem
with a single user, it is systematically happening all the time. I believe
that the overwhelming majority (if not all) of the wiki edits are done in
good faith and with the intent to improve the documentation*, but despite
this, many tags slowly move in their meaning (or better, the definition in
the wiki slowly changes, the tagged objects in the db typically don't
adjust automagically). Often these changes are not happening by changing
what is already written but by amending the definition or restricting the
suggested use case (e.g. "but if A or C and not D then you should not use
this tag but tag B" or "this tag can also be used for E"). Sometimes
changes are justified with differing tag definitions from "translated"
pages (e.g. "adjust definition to German wiki page").


* thing is, that different people see/interpret tags differently, and even
if trying to be "neutral" it is practically impossible to ignore your own
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