It seems to me that the obvious generalisation, which would cover camps 
organised for profit and by non-profits would be leisure=vacation_camp. This 
simply generalises summer, and avoids the very specific British connotations 
associated with  holiday_camp. This does not precisely cover things like scout 
camps, but is a reasonable starting ground. I should add in practice there is 
no need to get hung-up about using summer_camp for ones which run all year 
round: the most important objective of a tag is to be easy to recall: as the 
vast majority of such camps run in holiday periods and the Wikipedia article 
has the same title, I suspect this is where people will start.
In general I would use any derivative of "resort" : it is a word which has far 
too many meanings. To me a resort is a town or village specialising in 
providing facilities for tourists; in Malaysia I have seen quite simple hotels 
described as resorts; and elsewhere it refers to holiday centres of the likes 
of ClubMed. 
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organised_camp doesn't add any information compared to "camp", any kind of camp 
will be organised. (medical camp, refugee camp, detention camp, summer camp, 
military camp, ...)

Sure it adds information.
At a "campground" each camper is free to organize their time among their own 
group.At scout, military and summer camp there is a scheduled program campers 
are expected to participate in.
These are fundamentally different venues.
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