Lets be quite clear.
I am not talking about travellers, itinerant workers etc. That is a different 
issue. Such places (trailer parks, mobile home parks, travellers sites etc.) 
are a form of residential landuse.
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On Tue, 2015-05-05 at 09:44 +0000, Jerry Clough - OSM wrote:
>  It seems to me that the obvious generalisation, which would cover
> camps organised for profit and by non-profits would be
> leisure=vacation_camp. 

I don't think 'vacation' or 'leisure' are good terms at all. A lot of
people use the camp grounds we are talking about who are not on
vacation, retirees, itinerant workers, travellers.  These grounds are
'mostly' open throughout the year in my part of the world.

tourism= means people are there because they want to be and I think that
excludes refugee and military camps. Scout camps a bit grey ....
Maybe the key is that people don't stay there indefinitely ?

> ... very specific British connotations associated with 
>  holiday_camp. 

Yes, I would consider the british holiday camps would be better called
resorts (?). The permanent building being the clue. 

> In general I would use any derivative of "resort" : it is a word which
> has far too many meanings. 

Did you mean to say "avoid the use of " there ?

So, in summary, why are we discussing abandoning or supplementing
tourism=camp_site ?


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